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24 - 01 - 2017
Weed Clearing at Hurston Lane
Following the successful trial of dye stuff to control weed growth on the match pond we have decided that we will extend the use of the dye to the other ponds. In order for the dye to be successful we firstly have to ensure that there is minimal weed in the lake. The cold weather that we have had over the past few weeks should have got rid of a good portion of the weed but we will still need to rake the ponds to get rid of anything that remains before we put the dye in.
The date we will be doing this is Sunday 12th February
We will be starting at around 8.30 in the morning and hopefully we will have cleared everything that we need to clear by around 13.00.
We would greatly appreciate help from as many people as possible and it would be useful for us to know approximate numbers on the day.
If you can come even if it is only for a couple of hours please let us know.
You can e-mail us HERE
Or contact us by phone on
01243 583179 or 07932 694876
Many thanks for your help.
20 - 12 - 2016
Recent updates on website
We have updated the website with a number of posts:
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To see a list of the trophy winners from the 2015 - 2016 season click HERE
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17 - 12 - 2016
Lost at Coultershaw
One of our anglers has lost a retaining small retaining screw from his centre pin reel, it was a little while ago and it is quite small. However if you see something shiny on the ground up at Coultershaw give it a second look it might just be the missing screw. If you do happen to find it please get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with its owner.
13 - 12 - 2016
Riverfly Update
Riverfly is a data collecting programme to determine the river based invertebrates and shrimp population and was introduced to the Rother with our full support. We have several club members who take part in collecting and analysing river basin samples the results of which go into a national data base and used to monitor the fish population dependant on this vital food chain.

Our project is funded and organised by The Arun & Rother Rivers Trust (ARRT) and if anyone would like to become a volunteer please contact me – Roger Poole. Chairman. email: chairman@sussexangling.co.uk You can read the latest information from Riverfly in their Autumn Newsletter or visit the Riverfly website HERE
17 - 11 - 2016

Do you fish for barbel at Coultershaw. If so we would like to make you aware of an exciting project that we have taken on and you can help with.
Our club in conjunction with the Environment Agency are carrying out a survey of the ageing population of barbel in the Rother on the Coultershaw stretch and six of our members have been trained to examine and take a scale sample from any barbel you catch. This will allow the EA to determine the age of the barbel at Coultershaw. The members who can do this are listed below and if you know one of the six is on the fishery please contact them to take a sample from any barbel you catch before you release it.

Thank you for your support in this matter as it will hopefully lead to improvements on our fishery.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Martin Cornish (Bailiff) 07834858082

The members are:

Martin Cornish Colin Bridger Dave Chambers
Richard Donnelly Peter Foster Nelson Keet