Match Results

Match Results

Kirkby Bott 3rd Leg - Watersfield

There had been several bouts of heavy rain in the week prior to the match and this had … Read More

LEC Cup 2nd Leg - Chichester Canal

Another sunny day for this match with a strong wind that cleared the leaves and weed that were … Read More

Parfrement Cup 2nd Leg - Petworth Park

The second leg of the Parfrement Cup series was held at Petworth Park, initially under calm but overcast … Read More

Milliard Cup 2nd Leg - The Granary

This match was the second and final leg of the Millard Cup and was a two parter with … Read More

Committee Cup - Bernies

This match for committee members, bailiffs and regular matchmen incorporated the Bailiffs Trophy and also the Ottaway Cup … Read More

Kirkby Bott 2nd Leg - Watersfield

The second leg of the Kirkby Bott was held on the Arun at Watersfield on yet another warm … Read More

Parfrement Cup 1st Leg - Petworth Park

This was the first leg of the Parfrement trophy at Petworth Park and was held on another dry … Read More

Pibworth Cup 4th Leg - The Granary

This match was the final leg of the Pibworth series and was held at the Granary. It was … Read More

BBQ Shield - Stemps Wood

The BBQ match is held every year as a thank you to members who had attended work parties … Read More

Moss Cup 4th Leg - Fittleworth

Normally we only have three matches in the evening Rother series but there was a request to add … Read More

Moss Cup 3rd Leg - Coultershaw

The third leg of Moss Cup was fished on the Rother at Coultershaw on yet another warm and … Read More

Kirkby Bott 1st Leg - Watersfield

This was the first match in the Kirkby Bott Series on the River Arun at Watersfield. It was … Read More

Moss Cup 2nd Leg - Shopham

This was a grey overcast evening with a hint of rain. The rain the previous day had raised … Read More

LEC Cup 1st Leg - Chichester Canal

Yet another warm day but with a strong wind that seemed to come from all directions. We decided … Read More

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