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News and Recent Updates

River Evening 3

The third and final match of our evening river series saw us at Coultershaw. The match was dominated … Read More

Still Water 3

A full house for our first match at lower lake this year on an overcast warm day with … Read More

For Sale Richard Walker MK4 Carp Rod

This much sought after rod is in superb condition …Read More

River Evening 2

Our second match on the Rother saw us at Shopham on a very sunny and warm evening. This … Read More

River Evening 1

Our first trip to the river this season was Fittleworth. Looking at the state of the banks, the … Read More

Still Evening 4

This was the fourth and penultimate evening still water match of the season and was held on Stemps … Read More

Away Day 1

This was our first away day of the year and a visit to the very popular Stanbridge View. … Read More

Still Evening 3

This was theĀ  third of the Stillwater evening matches and was held on the Match Pond at Hurston … Read More

This match against Chichester was fished across Stemps and Cart Ponds The anglers on Cart found it hard … Read More

This match against Chichester was fished across Stemps & Cart Ponds On Stemps after a few years absence … Read More