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An Eventful Trip To Petworth Park

On seeing that the weather forecast for Friday was high winds and rain, I decided to look for a sheltered spot on Petworth Park Lake and fish for the bream.

Well! The session got off to a bad start really, because having arrived at the car park, apart from realising I had forgotten my bream feeder rod the bearings on a wheel of my trolley packed up. After making my way to the lake with my faulty trolley I decided to set up along the road bank where it was quite calm.

It was whilst setting up I slipped on the bank and ended up getting two boots filled with water. I thought to myself what else is going to go wrong, I think I’m in for a bad day, I’ll remember this one for all the wrong reasons.

It couldn’t have been more different though, the session turned out to be a real red letter day. Having forgotten my feeder rod I set up the float rod I had with me as a feeder rod and also fished a pole line about 13m out.

After a slow start I managed to catch 24 bream along with skimmers, Roach, Rudd and Perch, and to top it off I caught two 5lb tench down the edge on the pole for a magical 100lb of fish.
Kitch with one of the 5lb Tench, part of his fantastic Ton Up!

Kitch with one of the 5lb Tench, part of his fantastic Ton Up!

It was a great day even with the long walk back with only three wheels on my trolley!!

(Mike Kitchener)