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Peter Foster explains why he joined the Angling Trust.

Well, let me be perfectly frank, I joined the Angling Trust by default. As a member of the Anglers’ Conservation Association, my membership transferred automatically to the new body when it came into being in early 2009. If you’re not familiar with the Angling Trust, have a look at its website HERE where you’ll find lots more information. In short, the Angling Trust is ‘the new, single organisation to represent all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England . For the first time ever, there is a single body to take cohesive action to solve all the problems that affect our sport.’I thought the ACA was a body worth joining, particularly as I am a river fisherman keen that these precious resources stay pollution-free. The legal arm of the Angling Trust, known as Fish Legal, is continuing the work of the ACA, and that for me is sufficient reason to continue my membership. However, the Angling Trust offers more than this. A glance at the website will show you that there are other benefits as listed below:

  • Eligibility to fish in competitions
  • Free £5 million public liability insurance
  • Fish For Free loyalty programme
  • Annual magazine and angling handbook
  • Regular newsletters and e-updates
  • Interactive website

Angling Trust

Now, I don’t know what you expect for twenty quid a year, but to be honest it doesn’t buy you that much these days, does it? What else can you get for that amount fishing-wise? A specialist landing net, a gallon of maggots (if you’re lucky), a couple of kilos of boilies  it won’t even buy you two day tickets on the Royalty these days (£25 by the way).

One of the bonuses of joining the Angling Trust for those looking for a bargain is that you’ll automatically be registered with the Fish for Free programme which enables you to earn loyalty points that can be used to pay for your annual EA Rod Licence, fishing permits, tackle or special experiences. Loyalty points are earned by shopping at participating retailers, either online or on the high street.

Collecting Fish For Free points is fairly straightforward after you’ve joined all you have to do is:

1. Activate your Fish For Free account
2. Collect Fish For Free points automatically from online retailers and in-store at major retailers
3. Spend Fish for Free points on angling purchases

If you’ve read this far, I reckon you’re still interested, so have a look at the two websites and take a few minutes to think about joining the Angling Trust.