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Autumnal Sessions

When I moved to Littlehampton a couple of years ago I joined Petworth and Bognor Angling Club. I have had some amazing sessions in those couple of years. Below are a couple of brief reports of my last two sessions together with a few pictures.

25th October 2014 – River Rother Fittleworth.
I fancied a session on the Rother with the intention of catching some roach and dace on the stick float and I always put out a ledger with a bit of bread or a worm (bread on this occasion) with the hope of catching something a little bigger. A few small roach and dace graced my net, but nothing extraordinary was happening until my tip slowly arched round. 15 minutes later and with the assistance of another angler I netted (using his net as my small pan net was not even close to being big enough) a fine 17lb 5oz immaculate Common. I had no idea there were any in there, but was very pleasantly surprised. As I was setting up for the day I was wondering whether to use a 4lb or 8lb bottom and I am now glad I chose the 8lb or this would have just been another story of the one that got away.

My 17lb 5oz River Rother Common

30th November 2014 – Petworth Park Lake

Couldn’t believe I had all this to myself on such a beautiful Autumn day

As we had not had any prolonged periods of cold weather I thought that the bream would still be present and I was not disappointed. I managed 6 bream to 6lb as well as several pounds of roach to 12oz using maggot or sweetcorn on both the tip and float. Just as I was thinking of packing up the float slowly slid under and I struck into a hard fighting 4-5lb tench (My favourite species). I have never caught one past September!!! It was a beautiful day with many walkers, but no other fishermen which was very surprising. I thought there would be at least 1 person out for the pike. Maybe they were Christmas shopping.

This late season Tench was a pleasant surprise ending to another great session

I don’t get to go fishing very often, but when I do, luckily I have never had a bad time. The waters are well kept and looked after in picturesque locations.
Dave Clark