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Bagging Up At Petworth Park

Keen match angler Steve Jeffries fished Petworth Park on Sunday 8th April and because of the previous nights frost chose a deep swim just before the concrete slab of the old overflow.

Sport was to prove very slow to start, but there were plenty of large fish rolling about 40 yards out which gave him a lot of encouragement. Starting on the feeder, where the fish had been rolling, with double maggot hookbait, Steve had a lot of line bites but no proper takes. He then set up the pole and fed a line at approximately 11 metres with groundbait laced with micro pellet, but again found this line was slow to start with.

It took about half an hour to get a bite and his first fish, which was a skimmer of about half a pound, taken on single red maggot. Fishing this line for the rest of the day Steve managed to catch four Bream to 6lb’s, a nice Crucian of 2 lb’s and one small tench. He also caught about 20 lb’s of small skimmers and roach to end the session with a reasonable bag of mixed fish.

Steve said ‘If the fishing is this good at the beginning of April, this would seem to bode well for the warmer summer month’s ahead. I’m looking forward to the next time.’