Members Article

Holly’s Day Out

We get all sorts of requests from our members and when we can help out we do.

We were contacted by a member John Oxford who asked if it was possible for his daughter – Holly to take three of her friends as guests to fish on Cart Pond. This would be an early birthday outing, Holly’s birthday is very close to Christmas so they like to do something in the middle of the year so it does not get lost in the Christmas celebrations. We were happy to oblige and set a date, unfortunately because of the low water levels we had closed Cart Pond and therefore agreed to give them a section of Stemps Pond instead.

They were due to arrive at midday, but girls will be girls and they were a bit later than expected. I had previously asked if it would be OK to take a few pictures so we could produce this article. As they were setting up I got my camera out to prepare and suddenly realised that I had left the battery at home in the charger, having put it on charge first thing in the morning. So a quick dash back home and then back to the Pond with the battery safely in my pocket. I arrived to be told by one of our bailiffs who was helping out ‘you’ve missed all the action’! Holly at the grand old age of 12 is an experienced Carp angler; she has her own tactics and is very successful.

By the time I got back she had already had two Carp out. Holly’s favoured method is to fish floating bread in the margins, using a shot but powerful rod, this gives her good control over the bait in the margin and she can also get the fish out of overhanging cover quickly and efficiently. Two of Holly’s guests; Sophia and Evie had been set up with the same tactics while the third – Mylie had started fishing a waggler with sweet corn and was catching a few Roach and Skimmers.

Holly in the meantime had another couple of Carp and then ………

It was not long before Evie had a nice carp on the tried and trusted floating bread. John was on hand to help with the netting and picture.
Sophia was soon in on the action as well and Sue (John’s wife) was on hand with the net and to help out for the all important picture

Having seen all the Carp action Mylie asked if she could change tactics and was soon set up to fish floating bread. The Carp were coming thick and fast and the other three had at least another one each, but still no Carp for Mylie.

Holly showing how it’s done with John on hand to help with the netting
One of Holly’s fish and Sophia was a little more confident with holding this one, Les the bailiff suggested that she should kiss it before putting it back but she declined!
Time for a break and something to eat

By the time the girls started fishing again there were no other anglers on the pond so they moved round the corner from the pegs they were originally on.

Mylie moved in to peg 12 determined to catch a Carp and John was assisting by loose feeding some bread. The move paid off and not long afterwards Mylie landed this cracker.

The other girls had turned their attention to Peg 15 and by the time I left at least two Carp had fallen to their tactics and they were determined to catch a few more before going home.

They had at least a dozen carp between them with Holly leading the way on numbers, but she is an experienced Stemps & Cart angler. The girls all enjoyed themselves and there is the thought that they might be back for more – as members next time rather than guests.

Many thanks to; our bailiffs – Ray and Les for helping out and of course to Mum & Dad – Sue and John  for providing food and drinks, undoing tackles (although there weren’t many), netting fish and coming up with the idea in the first place.