Coates Castle

River Rother – Coates Castle

In June, 2008 the Club acquired the fishing rights to a 3 mile stretch of the south bank of the River Rother running from Shopham Bridge almost down to Fittleworth. The access points at Shopham Bridge and at the small hamlet of Coates are only a couple of minutes walk from the nearest swims but for the roving angler there are still several miles of river to explore.

Look for runs between the weed

This is a particularly beautiful part of the Rother which had received minimal angling pressure having only been fished by a small Game Fishing syndicate for many years.

One of those fish holding swims you shouldn’t ignore

Although this stretch runs through open pasture there are areas of trees and bushes which give many of the swims that enticing ‘fishy’ look.
This 3 mile stretch contains fish species and stocks similar to those in the adjacent stretches at Fittleworth and Shopham.

The stretch is relatively lightly fished, however, the catches of quality specimens of Barbel, Chub, Carp and Bream show that this is a water well worth trying and we believe once our discerning members become more familiar with this water we will discover it’s full potential.

Please continue to notify us of catches, regardless of how big or small. Monitoring catches on a seasonal basis is not only useful for our Club but can also be used by the Environment Agency to determine future strategy for the Rother.

Closed Seasons:
Coarse: 15th March to 15th June inclusive
Fly: 1st November to 2nd April