Fishery Management Reports

You might already have read that we are having to replace quite a few of the platforms at … Read More

The weed clearing work party was run by Mick as unfortunately Keith could not attend as he had … Read More

Report From Chris Exall It seems that whenever we have our Coultershaw work parties the weather is hot … Read More

Nine hardworking volunteers came to our spring work party at Holmbush. We had a number of jobs to … Read More

Work Parties 18th July

We ended up having two work parties. We had planned to go to Stemps and Cart to do … Read More

Since the last work party on 9th May, I have been up at Shopham quite a bit,  planting … Read More

This is the first work party we have held at Shopham for a couple of seasons, there were … Read More

Tree Planting on the Rother

Together with the EA and one of the ARRT Project Officers we surveyed Fittleworth and Coates for areas … Read More

For those that are planning a fishing trip abroad you might be interested in some recent research carried … Read More

Willow Planting At Shopham

Large areas of the Rother have lost the resident alders to phytophthora disease. These trees provided valuable cover … Read More