Fishery Management Report

Coultershaw Work Party 11th April 2010
This annual work party at Coultershaw was held much earlier than in previous seasons which may explain why there was also quite a small turn out compared to other years. It was decided to have an early one in order to trim up some of the trees that had made some swims impossible to trot and others almost impossible to fish at all, it’s a lot easier to cut back these branches when they have few or no leaves on them.
Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex

Imagine trying to cut these branches back in a few weeks time

Those that did attend got stuck into the task and apart from the cutting back of the branches, the stiles at the top and bottom of the fishery were repaired.

Some work was also carried out in the fenced off section where the riffles are. The original purpose of this wired off section was to provide some form of refuge and a spawning area for the Barbel and Chub. When we negotiated the right to fish within this area a few designated swims were made and access points provided in the fencing. Unfortunately some Members have been straying from these designated swims which is why there is now also a wired section from the access points down to the river at each swim. We would ask all Members to remain within these designated swim sections when fishing this area, failure to comply with this rule may ultimately jeopardise our right to fish within this area at all.

Highlight of the morning apparently was when Rother Bailiff Mick Mills did some impromptu plumbing of the river when he fell out of the boat. It has been suggested we call him Bob from now on.
Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex

Above – Rother Bailiff Mick Mills still in the boat at this point

Because it was such an early work party this year it may be necessary to have another one nearer the start of the season, we shall monitor the situation and let you know if we need to arrange one.