Fishery Management Report

Coultershaw Work Party 12th June

On another very hot sunny day we held the second work party of the year at Coultershaw. We had a brilliant turnout of 13 too many to name here. Peter Foster managed to swell the numbers by cajoling some of his Barbel schooI pupils to come along and help. Many thanks to all who turned out – brilliant effort lads.

We got a lot done!

Trees were removed from the Stumps swim that had all but closed it off.

Clearing trees from the Stumps swim

We got the boat out and were able to clear a lot of far bank debris. One or two of us even got into the water and Martin was a bit surprised to see one of the new lads, just in shorts, up to his chest in the water clearing out debris. It’s great that people get really stuck in.

We even got down to Barbel bends and cleared two overgrown swims even If I did take an unintentional swim.

Here I am and once your in, you might as well do some work there!

Listening to the feedback, all those who attended enjoyed the work and learned a bit more about the river. There was of course the usual banter which everyone took part in and showed that we are all like minded anglers.

Many thanks again

Chris Exall