Fishery Management Report

The Granary November 2015

We had a reasonable turnout of 9 members and looking around we estimated that the average age of the attendees was well into the 60’s. However as this was a week day I guess the younger members would be working. Martin, Mel and Glen took on the job of building a new bridge with railway sleepers
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Martin, Glen and Mel did an excellent job of building the new bridge

The rest of us went down to the lake armed with saws and loppers to cut a new swim into the near end of the lake. Tim was in charge of the chain saw whilst the rest dragged away and cut up ready for burning.
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Tim cutting small trees out to create the new swim

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Phil, Ray and Roger cutting up and preparing the debris for burning

We did try to start a bonfire to burn what we had cut but it was soon evident that we were not going to be able to get it going. After cutting the new swim we went round and trimmed up the existing swims.
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This is the sort of foliage that was trimmed down to open up the swims

A good work party although we need to go back at some stage to burn the debris.