Fishery Management Report

Holmbush Work Party 19th March 2022

Nine hardworking volunteers came to our spring work party at Holmbush.

We had a number of jobs to do all of which we managed to complete.

Firstly all the fishable swims are now clearly numbered and you must only fish from these numbered pegs.

Holmbush Peg No. 1

There was  a big spring tidy up and foliage cut back. The team was lead by Scott Chatfield with David Piesse and Alan Victory. Scott is an experienced landscaper and was able to bring a selection of tools that made the tasks much easier. Scott also took time to train his team and furnish them with the safety equipment required for the tasks. The path clearer was really useful as this made short work of clearing all the leaf debris etc that had collected over the winter.

Scott on the left with the long arm saw. Alan with the path clearer

Two new platforms were built by the team led by Steve McDonagh, Steve has now built quite a number of platforms round the lake and these latest ones take anglers off the path so there is easy access for other members walking round the lake. Steve was ably assisted by Tony Miller, Bob Hancock and Ben Sharman.

A new platform for Peg 16 under construction and completed

Steve Penticost and Andy Crawte were the boat team and started off by removing a number of trees that had fallen victim to the winter storms. After that there was a general tackle and line removal operation with a lot being removed from the area of the reeds and inevitably from various overhanging trees. It doesn’t seem to matter how far we trim them back, someone always manages to cast into them!!

A great job done and many thanks to all who helped out, your precious time is very much appreciated.