Fishery Management Report

Hurston Lane Project

The work at Hurston continued when we had two teams on site on Sunday 20th March.
The first team led by Nelson and Ray were there to cut a gully from the match pond to the stream. This will allow the Match Pond to be dammed off from the carp pond as work begins to drain the carp pond down tomorrow.

The team of volunteers digging the gulley from the Match Pond

The second team were looking at a good tidy up round the match pond with the aim to improve the swims round the back to ultimately make them a little more pole friendly. Then if there was time it was felt that a trim round the island would be useful as well. It turned out that the initial plan for the swims round the back was not going to work and a radical rethink was required, so after a tidy up, Glen, Mick and Keith donned chest waders and started working round the island.

The island on the Match Pond gets a much needed trim up.

Thinking that we had just about finished for the day our thoughts turned to Mondays operation and after a few mental calculation we began to realise that we probably needed to get a head start on draining down the carp pond as the pumps we would be using might take longer than expected to drain the lake down ready for the netting..

Two teams were formed to dig two gullies through from the carp pond to the stream. These did not take as long as expected and we soon had a good healthy flow running off the carp pond.

A good days work concluded with a BBQ in the car park and everyone looking forward to the next stage of the project that starts tomorrow.