Fishery Management Report

Hurston Match Pond Update

Fishery Management Report by Keith Hughes

After approximately 90 man hours of work we are pleased to report that we have completed our latest weed reduction project on the Match pond at Hurston. As previously reported this entailed diverting the water flow from the field into the pond so that it runs into the stream. So we now have a ditch running along our south eastern boundary from behind the match pond to the stream. We still have the facility to let water into the pond should the need arise. We have put a plug into the outlet from the match pond to the middle pond to stop water flowing out, again we have the facility here to let water through if needed.

The hardest and most time consuming stage was raking as much weed as possible from the pond, we had a target of getting at least 95% out and as you can see from the picture below we have achieved this. We then put the dye in and after a few days we can see that this has distributed evenly around the pond. We will continue to monitor the colour level in the water and will top up with extra dye periodically.

The match pond with weed removed and the dye added

Every swim on the pond is now fishable and we hope that they will continue to remain so. If you fish the match pond please let us know how you get on.

Many thanks to all those that helped out on this project, you deserve a very big pat on the back from your fellow club members.