Fishery Management Report

Stemps & Cart Work Party

Ray and his team at Stemps and Cart have  been quietly working away at the fishery with a major attack on the brambles behind pegs 9-12 on Stemps to improve shipping back of poles.  This along with sorting out some of the platforms has generated a lot of material for burning. So it was decided to hold a work party on Sunday 10th July to continue the work and clear the rubbish. This was well attended with 11 members turning up which Ray was very pleased with and gave him a challenge to find jobs for everyone. One member volunteered as bonfire monitor and spend the time keeping the bonfire going safely in a controlled manner. He managed to burn all the vegetation that had been cut down along with the remains of old platforms. A team worked around the fishery raking up all the cut material to allow the grass to be cut. The paths around the fishery now look like country park and will be much easier to maintain.

Paths have been cleared and mown.

The platform on Peg 10 was ripped up and rebuilt and a start made on Peg 3 platform which had been wrecked when two trees had been blown down earlier in the year. Interestingly when the scaffold boards were removed it looked like a scrapyard had been uncovered with 5 frying pans, a BBQ and a bedstead amongst other things being found. The platform on Peg 3 requires some major work and this will be started over the coming weeks.

Under Peg 3

Ray would like to thank all those who turned up – Colin Vogel, Esmeralda Peterfiat, Brian Gibson, David Gibson, Peter Matthews, Keith Bridgewood, Les Rutherford, Steve and Julie Holden and Les Pears.

Work is also progressing on platform maintenance and this will be the subject of another report.

Repaired and refurbished platforms – more to come!