Fishery Management Report

Stemps Wood Work Party May 2008

Following a night of atrocious weather a few of the hardy stalwarts turned out for the work party on Stemps and Cart last weekend.

Over the last few years under the keen eye and hand of Nelson this fishery has really matured nicely and the requirements for major work are normally only after we have had a catastrophe such as the breech of the dam a couple of years ago.

However the routine maintenance is still vital to make sure the water is in tip top condition particularly with the new season approaching. Whenever we take a tree down and we had to work on a couple at Stemps we take them down so they can grow and bush out again making them much easier to manage but also providing good cover for angler and fish and excellent habitat for a wide variety of insect life. This also lets a little more light onto the ground, which will encourage the growth of wild grasses, herbs and plants. All these are ultimately beneficial to the fishery.

Now here’s a question for any of our members that might be in the know are we pollarding or coppicing the tree. in these circumstances? It would be really interesting to get the opinion of an expert!

Anyway back to the work party apart from the trees there is always a bit of trimming and tidying to do and Stemps is looking in pretty good condition for the new season.