Fishery Management Report

Work Parties 18th July

We ended up having two work parties.
We had planned to go to Stemps and Cart to do a weed clearance and a number of other jobs alongside that.
In the event we found that Dave our bailiff had done the lion’s share of the weed clearance already.
This did mean that we could concentrate on some of the other jobs, but also meant that a weed clearing team could depart for Hurston to tackle the increasing levels of weed that we are getting in the match pond at the moment.
So at Stemps & Cart:
We cleared and levelled the ground behind Peg 7 so we can site a tool shed.
We strimmed and trimmed all round Cart Pond
The platform on Peg 5 on Stemps was completely rebuilt, interestingly as the old platform was being taken out, something was seen in the water underneath and further investigation revealed an old push bike which we managed to get out of the pond.
A number of other pegs had the anti-slip wiring refurbished or replaced.
We would like to thank; Peter, Graham, Mick, Jon, Paul, Clive, Dave and Steve for the time spent at Stemps & Cart
Graham and Mick moved up to Hurston, weed rakes in hand and concentrated on the Match Pond and cleared Pegs; 2,3,5.6,9 & 10. They said that they got a lot of weed out and most of what is left is floating and can be lifted out with a landing net. While there they came across Steve (another one) and his wife who quite independently had been doing some bankside trimming round the Tench Pond – many thanks for your help.
So all in all a successful day and we even had the offer of help in the future from another couple who arrived at Stemps & Cart just as we were finishing up.
Paul topped off his day very nicely. After his exertions with the strimmer, he decided to have a short session in Peg 2 where some of the Carp could be seen doing a bit of sun bathing. He had three Carp off the top on bread, a couple at about 8lb and one at about 3lb – exciting fishing!