Holmbush Lake


The lake which is the result of sand extraction in the early to middle 20th century is new to our Club so we are not absolutely certain of the stock levels. As with all our waters we encourage members to let us know what they caught, this is particularly important with a new water so we can get a more accurate idea of stock levels.

The lake is picturesque with tree lined banks

We do know the lake holds a very good head of fish and in particular some big carp. We are reliably informed that there are around 70 fish at 20lb plus along with plenty in the 10 – 20lb bracket and there will obviously be smaller ones as well.

The water is deep with average depth of around 12ft and 5ft in the margins

Of the other species, there is a massive head of Roach, Rudd and hybrids with certainly plenty around the 1lb mark and undoubtedly there will be bigger ones present, there are also Tench, Bream and Eels but we have yet to get a feel for the numbers.

There are beds of lilies in places

The water is deep with average depth of around 12 feet with some deeper holes. This depth of water and the fact that it is in a residential area means that it is largely untroubled by cormorants which is evidenced by the head of silver fish. Even the margins are deep with generally 5 – 6 feet of water under your toes.

Gate Key Code required for access to this venue.

Closed Season: None – Open all year