Hurston Lane

Hurston Lane Fishery

This fishery containing three separate ponds was purchased with the generous support of a Sports Council Lottery Grant and was officially opened by Bob James of ‘Passion For Angling’ fame in September 2000. A lovely, peaceful and sheltered location makes this fishery a favourite for many of our members. The ponds have been stocked to provide a variety of angling that reflects our membership with something for the pleasure, specimen and match anglers.

Situated just outside Storrington the venue has been subject to an extensive fishery management programme and significant restocking.

Tench Pond

This small picturesque pond is stocked with Tench to 7lb and Crucian Carp to over 3lb. Being situated adjacent to the car park this water is ideal for our less able member, and there are in fact swims specifically designated for them. Being a small pond the fish do respond better with the minimum of disturbance.

Middle Pond

Originally stocked with a good head of Carp which go to 20lbs it was envisaged that this would be a dedicated Carp water but it was decided subsequently to make it a mixed fishery.  Although there are still plenty of Carp to be caught there are also Bream, Rudd, Roach, Tench and Perch to target as well. With improvements to the pond planned and with a much larger head of fish we expect to see a vast improvement in the catch rates in the coming seasons.

Match Pond

This pond was designed for the match angler and has an island running down the middle. It has about 15 pegs with the wider part of the pond showing the better form. It has been stocked with small Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream and Tench. Although it is called the Match Pond it is often the first port of call for our pleasure anglers as it provides a good variety of fish throughout the year. This pond along with the others has benefited from further stockings of fish since the initial stocking.

Gate Key Code required for access to this venue.

Closed Season: None – Open all year