Match Results 2010/11

Match Results 2010/11

Moss Cup 2nd Leg - Shopham

As at Fittleworth last week the river was looking good and this week the fishing proved to be … Read More

BBQ Shield - Hurston Match Pond

A very poor turnout meant that at least those that turned up had plenty to eat. Although the … Read More

Moss Cup 1st Leg - Fittleworth

The river looked good, water level was right and there was a bit of colour so we thought … Read More

M Sampson Cup 3rd Leg - Hurston Match Pond

Apart from one peg the match lake proved very hard. Mick was behind the island and put together … Read More

M Sampson Cup 2nd Leg - Hurston Tench Pond

Having lost the first match in this series to a weed clearing work party we hoped for some … Read More

Caine Cup 2nd Leg - Petworth Park

Well a week later and barely a handful of anglers turned up for the second Petworth Park match, … Read More

Caine Cup 1st Leg - Petworth Park

We had a brilliant turnout with 17 anglers making the walk down to the lake at Petworth Park … Read More