Match Results 2015/16

Match Results 2015/16

Daniels Rose Bowl - Bury St Austen

This was the last match of the season and is always known as an away day as we … Read More

W Sampson Cup - Hurston Match Pond

The week prior to this match had been the norm for this season with low night temperatures coupled … Read More

Kingsbury Tankard - Stemps

We had a two week gap before we fished again at Stemps. This time for Kingsbury Tankard. It … Read More

Pairs Tankard - Stemps and Cart

On another relatively mild day 12 anglers turned up for the random pairs match. Both Stemps and Cart … Read More

Pole only 2nd Leg - Cart Pond

Unfortunately there is no report or photographs for this match as I was away in Edinburgh watching England … Read More

Presidents Cup 3rd Leg - Passies Main Lake

The third leg of the Presidents Cup was held on the Passies Main Lake. In the week before … Read More

M Sampson Cup - Hurston Match

In the week before the match we had had heavy rain again and also one of the few … Read More

D H McCavish Shield - Stemps

It was a pleasant surprise for the 10 anglers, who turned up for the match, that the temperature … Read More

Presidents Cup 2nd Leg - Passies Match Lake

‘This is the worse weather I have suffered in 30 years of fishing matches with this club’  The … Read More

Kirkby Bott 4th Leg - Watersfield

The advance weather forecast for this match was very poor with high winds and heavy rain. We were … Read More

Ranson Cup 2nd Leg - Hurston Match Pond

Again the match was fished under mild conditions although there was a very strong gusty wind which was … Read More

Pole Only 1st Leg - Stemps

The first leg of the Pole Only competition was held on Stemps. There was an overnight frost and … Read More