Match Results 2018/19

Match Results 2018/19

Daniels Rose Bowl - Stanbridge View

Stanbridge View was chosen for the ‘awayday’- the last match of the season as good catches had been … Read More

LEC Cup 3rd Leg - Stemps Pond

The third and final leg of the LEC Trophy was originally scheduled to be fished on the Chichester … Read More

Kirkby Bott 5th Leg - Watersfield

The 5th and final leg of the Kirkby Bott Trophy was fished on a very windy and occasionally … Read More

W Sampson 2nd Leg - Hurston Match

The second leg of W Sampson Trophy was fished on Hurston Match Lake. After a couple of weeks … Read More

Pairs Tankard - Stemps & Cart

The Pairs Tankard was fished on both Stemps and Cart following a week of slightly milder weather. As … Read More

W Sampson Cup 1st Leg - Hurston Match Pond

In the majority of my reports in 2019 I make a comment about the adverse weather that seriously … Read More

D H McCavish 3rd Leg - Bernies

The previous leg of this match was dire and the preceding week’s weather had not been conducive to … Read More

DH McCavish 2nd Leg - Stemps

The second leg of the silverfish only D H McCavish Shield was fished at Stemps on a cold … Read More

Daniels Cup - Bernies

Bernies was booked for this match as a venue had not been identified when the fixture list was … Read More

Pole Only - Stemps Pond

Happy new year to all readers of these reports. This was the first match of 2019 and was … Read More

D H McCavish 1st Leg - Passies Match Lake

This was the last match before the Christmas break and was silverfish only fished on the Bunker straight … Read More

Kingsbury Tankard - Bernies Match Lake

The Kingsbury Tankard match was fished on Bernies Match Lake at Ashington. There had been heavy overnight rain … Read More

Ranson Cup 2nd Leg - Hurston Match Lake

The second and final leg of the Ranson Trophy was fished on Hurston Match Lake on a chilly … Read More

Presidents Cup 3rd Leg - Passies Match Lake

There was a sharp frost on the previous night but Passies Match Lake fished well with 11 double … Read More