Match Results

Match Results

Away Day 4 - Stanbridge View

A very wet and windy day was in store for us, and very few had booked in so … Read More

Still Water 6 - Petworth Park

A fine still, chilly morning greeted us with a touch of frost on the grass. The lake had … Read More

Still Water 5 - Hurston Match Pond

A very nice day for the time of year was on the cards with light wind and sunshine. … Read More

Still Water 4 - Stemps Pond

Our first Carp / silvers points match of the year where you have to weigh in both for … Read More

Away Day – 3 - Stanbridge View

Ten of us turned out on what was a very hot, sunny day with very little breeze. We … Read More

Pairs – 2 - Petworth Park

Petworth Park was the venue for the 2nd round of the pairs match and for the first time … Read More

Away Day 2 - Chichester Long Lake

Chichester’s Long lake was the venue for this away day match, and a warm dry day greeted us. … Read More

Pairs – 1 - The Granary

We fished the first round of the pairs match on Sunday 23rd July at the Granary. It was … Read More

Away Evening - Stanbridge View

The last evening match of the year was an away match at Stanbridge View. A warm overcast evening … Read More

River 3 - Coultershaw

We were one less than the previous matches in the series as Jon was down in the west … Read More

River 2 - Shopham Up and Down

An evening which was supposed to be a bit overcast turned out to be very bright. The same … Read More

Away Day 1 - Stanbridge View

Our first away day of the season saw us at Stanbridge View on what was going to be … Read More

River 1 - Fittleworth

Just six of us turned up for the first river match of the season. We were missing a … Read More

Still Evening 4 - Cart Pond

On yet another warm dry evening the last match of the evening Stillwater Series was fished on Cart … Read More