News Report

15lb Rother Barbel

Dave Chambers has landed a fantastic 15lb 2oz River Rother Barbel at Coultershaw. Pictured below, it was perfectly described by Dave himself as ‘a most magnificent looking Barbel’. It not only sets a new personal best for the species, it’s also a great achievement for Dave after only a relative short period of targeting the species in the Rother.
15-2 barbel
Dave was one of the anglers that attended the Chris Humphry Memorial Charity Barbel Fish-In a few days earlier at Coultershaw. Despite the event turning up no Barbel it was a very well supported occasion and regarded as a success by all those that attended.

Dave describes the banking of one of the Rothers top specimens as perhaps rather fitting that the fish was captured from the very swim that now bears Chris`s name.

The fish was caught on pellet feeder and led Dave a merry dance in the tight confines of the snaggy swim.

A move upstream saw Dave bank another fish of 8lb 8oz that same evening making the day a truly memorable one! Both fish were caught on sturgeon pellet, with betain method mix and crayfish concentrate all from the Wraysbury Bait stable !

To read an account of the Chris Humphry Memorial Barbel Fish-In written by Peter Foster one of the organisers please click HERE