News Report

An Important Message From The Angling Trust

We have just received this message from the local enforcement officer of the Angling Trust. If members see anything suspicious we would ask that in the first instance you report it to our Fishery Management team who will decide what action to take and contact the EA or Police. Please avoid touching anything that you see as the authorities will probably want to take a look before removing.

“A number of set lines have been located at a West Sussex lake belonging to a local Angling Club . The lines were concealed and had up to 50 baited hooks attached to them . Please report any suspicious activity that you see , including vehicle details or descriptions of people to the EA on the hotline number 0800 80 70 60 , or to the Police on 101 or 999 if appropriate to the circumstances .  If you find a set line , please call the EA and or the Police and seek advice before recovering it . or if you hear of fish being offered for sale in unusual circumstances please inform the EA or Police . “