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The time when we see an increase in cormorants on our waters is upon us. These birds can have a profound effect upon our fish stocks. Although we have taken actions at Hurston to deter them we know that they still visit the water and other waters such as Petworth Park are particularly vulnerable to cormorant predation.

The Angling Trust have re-launched their Cormorant Watch campaign and we would ask members to take part in the recording process via the Angling Trust website. You can access the Cormorant Watch section on the website HERE. We will also be putting their poster (see below) up at some of our venues as a reminder as you can record a sighting via your mobile and the poster gives you the links to access the webpage.

This is a really important project and we would ask that all members keep their eyes out for these destructive birds and record them accordingly.

The Angling Trust poster
The Angling Trust poster