News Report

Fisheries Update – Petworth Park and Stemps & Cart

Petworth Park
Unfortunately the work on the dam at Petworth Park has overrun, the recent rain has not helped although it has topped the lake up a bit as it had been quite low. We are still not sure when the water will re-open but hope that it will be sometime during w/c 7th September. We apologise to members that the water remains closed, but will let you know as soon as fishing can re-commnence.

Stemps & Cart
The recent rain has gone some way to restoring the water levels in Stemps and Cart. Dave the bailiff will be reopening Stemps Pond on Friday 28th August, however keepnets must not be used for the time being. Cart Pond remains closed as the level is still quite low, but we hope that it will not be too much longer until we can open Cart Pond again.
Again we apologise to members but we had to take this action to help ensure the safety of our precious fish stocks. We will keep you updated on when Cart Pond can be fished again and any status change on Stemps Pond.