News Report

Fisheries Updates – Stemps & Cart, Hurston Lane & Petworth Park

Stemps & Cart
Because of continuing low water levels, Dave has decided that for fish welfare he has to close Stemps again, Cart is already closed. The situation is likely to remain unchanged until we get a decent amount of rain and looking at the current weather forecasts that is unlikely in the next couple of weeks. We apologise for this but we must put the health of our fish stocks first.
Hurston Lane
Due to the unavailability of an away match venue it has been decided that the pairs match on the 20th September will move to the Match Pond at Hurston, we were earlier considering using both the Match Pond and middle Pond but in the light of the Stemps closure we will just use the Match Pond to make the Middle pond available to club anglers.
Petworth Park
At least we can finish with a bit of good news, We are pleased to announce that works have finally completed at Petworth Park and the water is again open for angling. It should be noted that the path along the road bank is a little higher than it was and as with a lot of venues locally water levels are down.