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Five Doubles From Hurston

The recent work parties at Hurston Lane Fishery have certainly paid dividends for some of our members. Young Cameron Harris was quick to take advantage of the weed clearing on the Carp Pond and spent a session night fishing there with his dad Alex. This was 15 year old Cameron’s first night session at Hurston Lane carp pond and the night produced five carp all over ten pounds, with the biggest, pictured below, going 13 pounds.

Cameron may be young but he’s certainly no novice and definitely knows a thing or two about carp fishing as his description of the tactics they used illustrates. The hook bait was a 22mm halibut pellet with one or two pieces of rubber corn dipped in tabasco sauce with some halibut pellets as a free offering in a “PVA mesh bag” on each cast. This was fished over a bed of spod mix containing garlic hemp, maize, tuna, dead maggots, all mixed up in halibut and hemp ground bait. The successful rig was a 300mm long soft ghost fluorocarbon hook length with a size 8 bent shank hook. Safe zone back lead clip on a quick sink braid about 1 metre long with a back lead under the rod tip.
Cameron's 13

Cameron Harris with his best Common of 13lb

Cameron has asked us to say a Big Thank You to all that contributed to the hard work that went into clearing the weed. I’m sure that those who have been involved will be pleased to hear that their efforts are producing results like yours Cam.

For those that wanted to, but couldn’t attend any of our recent work parties, you still have a chance this year because we have decided whilst we have the momentum and enthusiasm to arrange another work party at Hurston Lane for Sunday October 4th. We aim to start about 8:00 but you can come along whatever time suits, there’s always plenty to do. We’ll finish around lunchtime and refreshments will be provided. Please bring tools such as rakes, forks, etc.