News Report

Jet Ski’s Spotted At Watersfield

Two Jet Ski’s were reported on the Arun recently and thanks to our bailiff he was able to video them heading downstream through our stretch at Watersfield.

Jet Ski’s are built for fun and speed and the quiet reaches of the Arun are not where we need them bearing in mind they were exceeding the 5mph speed limit imposed above Arundel to say nothing of the damage to the banks and wildlife.

As a result of our bailiffs quick thinking it’s believed the owners have been identified however there are numerous slipways and places where they can be launched and I’ve been in contact not only with the E.A. but the Littlehampton Harbour Board, Marina, the local Jet Ski Club and others all of whom agree that a measure to discourage their use on the Arun should be sought.

Navigation rights exist on the Arun, as opposed to the Rother. If any of you see Jet Ski’s on the mid/upper Arun likewise any powered craft which in your opinion is breaking the 5mph speed and have your mobile handy please use your video and let me know.

Thank you.

Roger Poole.