News Report

KHV and Nets

I’m sure that you will have seen reports in the Angling press with regard to Koi Herpesvirus (KHV). At the most recent committee meeting we debated the measures we as a club should take and we would like you to remember the following simple steps

1. Do you really need to use a keepnet. Please consider carefully before you use one.

2. Are your nets and unhooking mat completely dry? If they are not then do not use them.

3. The best way of avoiding the spread of KHV via your nets and equipment is to leave them out in the sun until they are completely dry. This is obviously more difficult now the winter is setting in and we are having some rain.

4. As it takes longer for your nets to dry at the moment if you fish regularly you might like to have a couple of sets of nets and rotate them to ensure that they are dry before you go.

If everyone follows these steps then we can keep our waters safe.

We would also ask members to be aware of non-native invasive species when visiting different locations and to take precautions against the spread of these on our waters.

A very interesting article on the subject by Stuart Crofts can be viewed HERE