News Report

Recent Work Parties

We recently held two work parties and both were very poorly attended which is a great shame. Those that did turn up worked very hard but the work that had been planned could not be completed.

Shopham – 8th May – Report from Steve Grey

It was time for the yearly Shopham Work party, a very small turn out but a big thank you for the three guys that turned up; there is always lots to do at a work parties so the more help we get the easier it makes getting the tasks done.

Chris Exall with his carpentry expertise went off upstream and reinforced the steps  in the Burton Mill swim where the bank was eroding away. I think he did spend a bit of time sitting down watching the carp and chub swimming back and forth in the stream though but that’s one of the pleasures of a work party, being able to observe the water and find some likely spots to fish when you have a rod in hand rather than working tools.

The two other members and myself went downstream on the south bank to the riffles, I popped on the waders and with the low water levels I was able to get in and walk along the river cutting back overhanging branches and removing any snags, so now you can trot a float or drift a fly along with a lot more ease, we also trimmed back and opened up the two swims allowing easier access.

We then all met up downstream on the north bank,  down on the big bend to open up three very old and overgrown swims, the task involved chopping away  around 6 metres of thick dense bramble! Steps were dug down and levelled and hosepipe was used to cover the barbed wire and to mark where the swims are, a fantastic job done by all.

Cutting Through The Brambles at Shopham

Thank you to Chris Exall, David Gibson & Rob Grant for turning up and helping out, it was much appreciated.

Stemps & Cart – 15th May – Report from Mick Greenway

We were very disappointed with the turn out for the Stemps work Party on the 15th May, despite publicising the work party on the website, our facebook page and putting posters up at the venue we only had four people. We had planned to start repairing the platforms and the bridge as well as having a good strim round. With the limited numbers it was decided to prioritise the repair to the bridge and do as much strimming as we could. Work on the bridge went well and the rotting boards have all been replaced and we managed to at least get a reasonable amount of strimming done.

Many thanks to Ray, Les and Peter for their all the hard work they put in.

Stemps & Cart – 18th May – Report from Mick Greenway

After the disappointing turn out on Sunday and knowing that some of the platforms were in a critical condition I managed to persuade Steve along and we tackled some of the platforms that needed immediate work.  Ray and Les came along later and added some assistance.

Repairing Platforms on Cart Pond
On the left is Peg 19 after repair, on the right is Peg 30 which we have had to close until it is repaired. We have also closed Pegs 3 and 13 on Stemps and Peg 25 as well as 30 on Cart

Members will have to face the fact that if they are not prepared to help out then they might well find that they are unable to fish their favourite swims because we have had to close them until we can get the platforms repaired. At the moment we do not have any further work parties scheduled for Stemps & Cart but in order to get the platforms sorted we are looking to get something organised for the near future. If you fish this water regularly we would like to think that you could spare a bit of time to help maintain the fishery so you can fish from comfortable and most importantly safe platforms.