News Report

Temporary Peg Closures On Stemps

Our bailiffs have closed pegs 4 and 10 on Stemps Pond. With the recent rainfall, unfortunately, these two platforms have not faired well and require work to make them usable and safe.
Some materials are required for them to be able to repair the platforms and these are being assembled. Hopefully the bailiffs will be able to do the work before their next work party on 28th April as they have plenty of jobs lined up for that day and would greatly appreciate some extra hands to help.
If you are a Stemps regular please devote a bit of your time to help out on the 28th, the bailiffs will be able to find jobs for all that turn up to help out.
In the meantime, as soon as the platforms on pegs 4 and 10 are ready and safe we will let you know via the website and our facebook page.