News Report

Upcoming Work Parties

We have a number of work parties coming up and would really appreciate some help from our members.
8th April
Stemps and Cart
Dave and his team will be working on a number of tasks
Installing some fencing behind Stemps pond to stop the recent visits we have had from the neighbouring sheep. This will also help improve the general security of the site.
Erecting a gate at the entrance to the fishery – we understand that there could be changes to the gate by the stables so it has been decided to move the field gate to the entrance to the fishery. This gate will be locked with one of our padlocks.
Some general platform maintenance including wiring to give a non-slip surface.
Nelson will be on hand with his trusty chain saw to carry out some tree work.
If you can help out, please turn up from 08.30 onwards and I’m sure we can find something for you to do.
22nd April – We will actually have two work parties going on.
Stemps and Cart
Depending on how well they faired on 8th April Dave and his team will be finishing off that work and hopefully they will be able to get onto some other work around the ponds. Again if you can help out start time is 08.30
Hurston Lane
This work party was originally scheduled for 29th April but Keith has asked that we bring it forward a week to the 22nd as a number of his team are going to be unavailable on the 29th.
More work is required to trim the island and get rid of the trimmings. Keith is also hoping to get the weed rakes out to clear any weed that is around so we can get some dyestuff into the ponds. Keith and his team would much appreciate some help and they should be working from 08.30 onwards.