News Report

Work Parties 14th April

We have a busy weekend ahead of us with our still water team working at Hurston continuing the work that was started a couple of weeks ago.

We also have our first work party at Coultershaw which is going to concentrate on bank work. We will be looking to put some steps into the mill pool swim. There is currently a very big drop from the bank down to the water level so Martin and his team will be looking to put a couple of concrete steps in to make it much safer to access this swim. They will be also looking to put more steps in at various places along the main bank to make access to the water easier. If you are intending to help out at this work party, Martin has asked that if you have digging tools such as a spade or fork please bring those along. A couple of Sledgehammers and handsaws would also be useful for cutting and setting timber for posts and step fronts