News Report

Work Party Coultershaw 11th April

We had a good turnout of eleven members at Coultershaw for our first  ‘socially distanced’ river work party of the year. Earlier a couple of us had walked the stretch to identify areas that needed attention, so we had a good idea of the areas we wanted to concentrate on. We started off with a briefing where we explained what we wanted to achieve and designated tasks. We also stressed the importance of social distancing and keeping safe.  We set up a boat party of two who primarily worked in the river in the first field, they removed a lot of debris from the river that has built up during the winter flows and also trimmed back far bank trees and bushes where needed.

The boat party with Chris Exall at the helm with Mark Adams at the bow.

The rest of us split up and worked our side of the river.

John Medlow and Richard Lloyd were in charge of steps, there were a number of swims where these  had been washed away or damaged over the winter, John and Richard re-cut or refurbished those that needed attention.

We also cut back and removed some small trees that where obstructing the swims in the wire.

Martin Cornish and Adrian Light take a quick breather in Chris’s swim, while waiting for a far bank tree to be cut down and delivered to them by the boat party. You might also just be able to see Ron Sharp in the background, hard at work clearing the first peg in the wire.

Many thanks to those that turned up and thanks to Richard Lloyd for the pictures, I’m sure everyone appreciated a day out on the river in the fresh air.

We have another work party scheduled for 13th June when we will make sure the paths to the water are clear and have a good trim of the bankside vegetation so that the swims are accessible.