Our Waters

With such a variety of different waters we offer something for the Pleasure, Specimen and Match Angler. Game fishing is also allowed on some stretches of our rivers with the appropriate EA licence.


Our many river enthusiasts enjoy some of the best sport in Sussex. We offer a great variety ranging from the mid – lower stretches of the Western Rother through to the powerful flow of the tidal Arun, and with many miles of bank to explore you can always find a quiet ‘away from it all’ swim where your only companion could be the resident Kingfisher or some other equally magnificent wildlife.

Both rivers offer a true challenge since their renowned specimens of Barbel, Pike, Chub, Bream and Carp demand patience and skill. Our members invariably respond to these ‘traditional’ challenges. But it is not all about specimen hunting, many anglers preferring to adopt the stick float or light leger tactics with a mobile approach.

River Rother

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The Western Rother flows at a leisurely pace across the Weald where we have several fisheries between Petworth and Fittleworth giving our members the chance of a sizeable Barbel or Chub with even the occasional Carp making an appearance. Decent Bream are caught every season albeit in modest numbers and the float angler can also take good bags of silver fish including the occasional Grayling throughout the river.

To learn a little about the history of the Western Rother please click HERE

River Arun

Our 1.5km stretch of the west bank of the upper Arun directly above Stopham Bridge near Pulborough has the potential for some very good bags of Roach, Chub and Bream, especially later in the season. This stretch is also known to hold some very large Carp and Pike (20lbs+ fish). Tench and Barbel are also a distinct possibility and fly fishing is permitted in season.

Whatever your preference if you value the traditional challenges of river fishing and appreciate some of the most beautiful rivers in Southern England you will find our river fisheries very much to your liking.


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We also offer a good range of Stillwater Fisheries across West Sussex to our members. We have seven waters on four Stillwater Fisheries ranging from a beautiful Estate Lake at Petworth Park to tranquil farm ponds at Walberton.

Our own three Pond complex at Storrington offers a range of sport from a match-style pond, a Tench and Crucian pond to a Carp / mixed pond with some sizeable specimens.

In addition to our rivers and still waters we have a couple of miles of canal fishing on the Chichester Canal which provides a very good alternative particularly during the winter.