Match Report

Match:  Away 5
Venue:  Stanbridge View
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
59 - 1 - 0
Runner Up:  Paul Ward
38 - 3 - 0
Third:  Mick Greenway
33 - 0 - 0


9 anglers fished Stanbridge View and heavy rain during the previous week put the water level up by over 2 feet which we felt would put the fish off, however all those that fished enjoyed some excellent sport. Over 250 pound of fish were caught and although Carp dominated the weights a good range of other fish were also weighed including a rather vibrantly coloured Goldfish,apparently one of only 3 in the lake.
First on the day was Vince who caught steadily all day for an impressive net of Carp weighing in at 59lb 1oz. Paul Ward was in second place, Paul knows this venue well but couldn’t match Vince on the day so his 38lb 3oz was only good for second place. Mick Greenway who literally had a `cracking day’ and ended up with a broken landing net and a pole top two went much the same way. But he still manged to weigh in 33lb for third place.
Fish of the day went to Cody Hughes who’s best was a Carp that was a fraction short of 10lbs.

Vince in the foreground on his way to a Stanbridge View win