Match Report

Match:  Away Day 1
Venue:  Stanbridge View
Winner:  Keith Hughes
118 - 1 - 0
Runner Up:  Cody Hughes
96 - 9 - 0
Third:  Jon Arnold
84 - 9 - 0


Our first away day of the season saw us at Stanbridge View on what was going to be the hottest day of the year so far. With 31 pegs to play with we managed to space ourselves out using the pegs known to have good form. Everyone had a good day with over 650Ib caught between us.

Keith, fishing peg 23 had a very slow start with just 3 small Carp in the 1st hour fishing across to the end of the island. He then switched to fishing meat on a 2 + 2 line and started catching a good number of fish, most around the 1Ib mark with the odd bigger fish. In the last 2 hours he fished both left and right margins picking up 4lb+ fish on corn. All this gave a grand total of 118lb 1oz to win the match.

Cody, drew peg 21 and fished up in the water on a jigger rig for the first few hours catching fish around the 3Ib on pellet but he felt this was a little slow and switched to the margin early and found a good number of fish at the 5Ib mark for the rest of the match. A weight of  96lb 9oz secured second place.

Jon, fished peg 14, a peg with 2 good areas one on the feeder at around 10 meters in open water and the other down to the left fishing on the slope next to a big tree stump. Jon went with the option to the left and hooked some good fish but did lose a lot in the snags, however his 84lb 9oz was enough for third place.