Match Report

Match:  Away Day – 3
Venue:  Stanbridge View
Winner:  Paul Ward
75 - 14 - 0
Runner Up:  Cody Hughes
49 - 12 - 0
Third:  Keith Hughes
48 - 4 - 0


Ten of us turned out on what was a very hot, sunny day with very little breeze. We were able to use the better pegs giving each angler plenty of space.

Paul drew the very nice peg five that has a nice feeder line to the main island, and few pole lines with depths between 3 and 6 foot deep along with a shallow margin. Paul found a few fish on both the pole line and feeder in the morning but in the last 2 1/2 hours had a field day with the margin line. His total of 75lb 14oz was easily enough for first place.

Cody drew peg 14 that has deep water in front on the pole line between 5 and 7 feet and a margin to the left that has a big tree stump so can be a bit snaggy. Cody caught steadily for most of the match up in the water on the pole with pellet and 49lb 12oz was just enough to beat grandad and secure second place

Keith drew peg 20, a peg that in the past had been a hot draw with a tree to the left, deep water in front and a margin to the right. He fished paste to the tree  and that was OK for the first few hours but he then found he had to keep switching lines and baits to keep the bites coming. He just missed out to Cody with a total of 48lb 4oz

Paul and Cody with their Stanbridge hauls

Total aggregate weight for the 10 of us was 410Ib.