Match Report

Match:  Away Day 3
Venue:  Bernies Match Pond
Winner:  Keith Hughes
58 - 14 - 0
Runner Up:  Graham White
45 - 13 - 0
Third:  Steve Simmonds
38 - 12 - 0


A dry bright morning greeted us for the last points match of the season, an away day at Bernie’s lake in Ashington. The forecast was to stay dry for most of the day but the wind was due to pick up in the afternoon so we pegged the length of the solar panel side to give us some shelter.

From the start the two end pegs, Steve at the far end and Graham at the car park end started catching small Carp. Steve on the feeder and Graham on the pole. The rest of us had started off by dobbing bread across but apart from the odd Roach not much was happening. Keith pegged to the right of Steve and saw that he was catching on the feeder so decided to start feeding 2mm pellets, through the cad pot every put in with corn on the hook and started catching Carp straight away. It turned into a 3 way battle between the two ends and Keith with the others just picking up the odd fish.

Keith with his winning weight of 58lb 14oz
Graham & Steve were second and thrid with 45lb 13oz and 38lb 12oz. Graham I didn’t cut the badge in half – that was the picture I got!!