Match Report

Match:  Away Day 7
Venue:  Sumners Ribbon Lake
Winner:  Keith Hughes
14 - 2 - 0
Runner Up:  Paul Ward
12 - 11 - 0
Third:  Graham White
11 - 2 - 0


A very cold morning with a thick frost on the ground and thermometers showing -4 when we arrived. We had booked the car park side of the lake with the first peg in the open water at the far end and the last peg in the open water at the head of the lake by the bridge and every peg between them. As we set up a few fish where seen topping so hope of a few bites where high and soon after the start this was the case for most with small Roach showing along with Jon on peg 10 catching an early Carp of around 4Ib.

Keith, fishing on the last peg set 3 lines, one at the far end of the bridge another in the middle of the bridge and directly in front in the open water at around 10m. Feeding ground bait on the 10m line and a few pellets and meat on the other two. Starting on the 2 bridge lines he spent the first hour without a bite but after letting the ground bait line settle had skimmers from the first put in these along with 2 Chub gave him 14lb 2oz which was good enough for the win.

Paul, fishing the blue pipe peg found it hard to get a bite anywhere in his peg apart from along the near side margin to his right. he was getting small Roach around the 2oz mark when it all came to a sudden end but he stuck with it and found that some Carp had moved in and had 3 within an hour. After these the Roach came back and he caught steadily until the end of the match. His total weight was 12lb 11oz to secure second place.

Graham, fishing peg 1 in the open water at the far end set up a ground bait line in front of him and after an hour or so starting catching Skimmers and a small bream which totaled 11lb 2oz for third place. He did however lose a Carp on his light rig that would have probably given him the win.