Match Report

Match:  Away Day 8
Venue:  Passie's Match Lake
Winner:  Keith Hughes
33 - 9 - 0
Runner Up:  Graham White
26 - 9 - 0
Third:  Mick G & Richard G
13 - 11 - 0


The last match of the season was an away day on Passies Match lake. When we arrived it looked like the forecast for showers was wrong as it was a nice morning around 11 degrees with a fresh southerly breeze, but not too long after the starting whistle it started to rain and that turned out to be a very long shower of around 4 hours.

Hopes of a few fish were quite high with the rise in temperature but this was not the case.

Keith fishing peg 32 just past the bunker was not happy with his draw as this area is not normally that good. He started out on a top 2 +1 with a few loose fed pinkies  and had a Carp 2nd put in that took about 15 minutes to land on a very light rig. A few Rudd followed but it seemed to be going nowhere. After around an hour he started feeding in front of the reed stems with 2mm pellets and had another Carp on maggot but then just started catching Rudd again. Switching to hard pellet and feeding 2mm’s saw a steady flow of bites most of which resulted in lost fish in the reeds but he did manage to get 7 out in the end, for 33lb 9oz and first place.

Graham fishing the end peg 36 started on the feeder into the corner and caught F1’s but  they dried up after a couple of hours. A switch to the pole fishing two lines, one to the bush opposite him and another to a weed bed to his right and did find a few more F1’s along with one Carp, for a total of 26lb 9oz to secure second place

Richard on peg 34 and Mick on peg 33 matched each other Landed fish for landed fish and lost fish fish for lost fish. In the end they could not be separated both weighing in 13lb 11oz to share third place.

Keith and Graham with some of their final match Carp

So that is the end of another season of matches and the final tables are as below:

Club Points (best 16 matches) Matchman Points Weight
Keith Hughes                   143 Keith Hughes                 1740 Keith Hughes              437lb 14oz
Graham White                  132 Graham White               1587 Graham White              411lb 6oz
Cody Hughes                    125 Mick Greenway             1265 Cody Hughes              319lb 14oz
Mick Greenway               121 Cody Hughes                  1261 Mick Greenway          318lb 13oz