Match Report

Match:  Away Day Special
Venue:  Bernies Top Pond
Winner:  Paul Ward
3 - 11 - 0
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes = 2nd
2 - 11 - 8
Third:  Richard Garnham = 2nd
2 - 11 - 8


Having decided to move away from Holmbush which has not produced during the colder weather. We were lucky to be able to book Bernies top pond which is not normally used for matches. We also decided that this should be a silver fish only match.

It was a very chilly and misty morningĀ  but hopes were high after a few members had visited over Christmas and all had good catches of Roach and a few Perch which were good sized fish. It was clear from the start it was going to be a hard match as after the first hour only half the anglers had bites and that was one or two very small Roach, things did pick up in the afternoon and made for a hard fought close match.

Paul Ward was first fishing on the farm side with 3lb 11oz. In joint second were Keith Hughes from the solar panel side and Richard Garnham from the farm side with 2lb 11oz 8dm.