Match Report

Match:  Awayday
Venue:  Nyewood Lower Lake
Winner:  Mike Kitchener
Runner Up:  Steve Hanson
Third:  Phil Tubb


Petersfield Angling Club’s Nyewood Lower Lake was chosen as the venue for the last match of the 2014-15 following on from the success of last season match at this venue. However there was a marked difference in the weather – last year’s match was preceded by a spell of warm weather but this year the match was fished in the middle of a colder spell. There was a cold wind which was blowing into the faces of the anglers fishing on the far bank (non car park side) and later in the match this was accompanied by a fine cold drizzle.

Attendance at the match was limited as there are some shallow areas in the lake that do not fish well under cold conditions and hence limits the number of pegs available. The weight caught in this match were half of those seen in last year’s match. The top three weights were all caught on the car park bank although Ollie Kitchener was fishing on the opposite bank and he was the only one to catch two carp on that side. It was like two different worlds on the two banks as I found out when I went from my peg ( on the non car park side ) to weigh Mike Kitchener’s fish. ( all carp over 10pounds in weight have to be weighed and then immediately returned).

Mike Kitchener caught a 13-0-4 carp from the margins on sweetcorn and this coupled with 8 pounds of roach and skimmers gave him a winning catch of 21-0-12. Mike was fishing in the middle of the car park side of the lake and this was also the Golden Peg. On the Golden Peg front we have gone most of the season without it being won and it has now been won three times since Christmas.It also means that we start it from scratch next season.

In second place, also fishing on the car park side was Steve Hanson who caught thirteen pound of roach and skimmers plus 2 carp to weigh in 20-2-4. The carp were caught on pellet and corn with the silverfish being caught on maggot. Steve found that heavy feeding of maggots improved the quality of the roach caught.

Phil Tubb, fishing on the end peg on the car park side caught 3 carp plus silverfish to weigh in 18-10-8.

So that ends the 2014-2015 season and it is not long before the next season starts again on the Hurston Match Lake, where catches will hopefully be better than those seen this year.
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Kitch finishes the season with a carp of 13-0-4 and a win from the golden peg
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Not to be outdone by Dad, Ollie had two carp from Nyewood, while Steve Hansen put together a nice silver fish bag which together with a couple of carp secured him second place.