Match Report

Match:  Bailiffs, Committee, Points
Venue:  Stanbridge View
Winner:  Paul Ward
82 - 13 - 0
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
60 - 6 - 0
Third:  Phil Tubb
52 - 10 - 0


This trip to Stanbridge View produced some good weights for venue regulars as well as some amusement for others courtesy of our webmaster Les Heath. Les used to be an avid match angler, he now prefers a more relaxed approach to his angling but turns up for the odd social match. While having a little relax, Les had a bite which was a pull in, rather than a wrap round and in just saving his rod managed to tip his chair, tackle and bait into a great heap in his swim. At least he saved his rod which was a better effort than Steve Penticost last season who you might recall lost a rod and reel in a similar situation – when the fish go at Stanbridge View they go!

Although this water has some big Bream and occasionally a good Bream weight can be had the match was dominated by the Carp. Best fish of the day fell to up and coming Carp master Cody Hughes who landed a fish well into double figures.

Paul Ward won the match, catching small Carp to start with he gradually managed to get better fish and ended up with 82lb 13oz to take the match by a good margin. Second and third was a closer affair with Mick Greenway beating Phil Tubb by 60lb 6oz to 52lb 10oz.
Stanbridge View August 2019

Paul won the match but young Cody landed the biggest carp