Match Report

Match:  BBQ Match
Venue:  Stemps
Winner:  Mike Kitchener
Runner Up:  John Williams
Third:  Mick Greenway


Stemps – The 10 anglers who turned up were equally split between Stemps and Cart using Steve Simmonds’ list of the best catch pegs. Both lakes looked inviting with signs of fish on both of them and a good sign was the number of fry showing on Stemps . The tree had been removed from peg 2 and this has improved access to the this swim.

Fishing on peg 14 was Mike Kitchener who fished the feeder with dead maggots against the island to catch 4 carp (8-3-0) and silverfish to weigh in 9-13-0.
Mike Kitchener with Carp

Mike Kitchener with the Carp that helped him to a win on Stemps Pond

In second place fishing peg 15 was John Williams who caught 1 carp (3-2-8) and 5-4-8 of skimmers and roach to weigh in 8-7-0.

In third place was Mick Greenway who caught roach and skimmers weighing 6-0-4 on both the pole and feeder from peg 7.

After the match Steve Simmonds again laid on a superb BBQ, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the anglers. Thank you Steve this is much appreciated