Match Report

Match:  BBQ Shield
Venue:  Stemps and Cart
Winner:  Mike Kitchener
1st Stemps
Runner Up:  Gordon (Dan) Bolton
1st Cart
Third:  Mick Harmsworth
2nd Stemps


This match had bad vibes for me first of all I fell in and had to go home and change missing one and a half hours of the match (my wife Morag suggested that I keep another set of clothes in car as it is becoming a regular happening!) then my youngest dog destroyed the clipboard and results so this report will have to be based on my memory.

This match is set up as a thank you to those turn up for work parties but only 11 were tempted to fish the match. The anglers were equally split between Stemps and Cart. This time the normal carp flyer pegs( ie Pegs 1 and 15 on Stemps and 19 on Cart) were left out but still both lakes were won with bags of carp. In keeping with most of the season so far the weather was dry but overcast with a bit of wind.

On Stemps the winner, fishing peg 10, was Mike Kitchener who caught skimmers and roach on the long pole  plus 4 or 5 carp on the method feeder using groundbait and dead maggots on the hook. Mike showed how accurate he is in his fishing by casting without clipping up and managed to get his feeder in the same spot almost every time.

I was fishing around the corner from him and watched this – one of the times the feeder landed on some cowslip that was hanging over the edge of the island and then fell into the water and immediately was taken by a carp. Fishing next to him was his son Ollie who showed he has potential as a match angler catching skimmers plus 3 carp from the margin.
Copyright Petworth & Bognor Angling Club

‘Kitch’ won on Stemps with this bag – he beat Ollie for a change!

In second place on Stemps was Mick Harmsworth who used a method feeder and swingtip to catch several carp from peg 2.

On Cart Gordon (Dan) Bolton on peg 28 fished the feeder using chickpeas as bait to catch numerous carp to easily win the lake He also lost several fish and had to resort to using heavier gear to get the fish out of the weed. In second place was Keith Hughes who had a mixed bag of carp skimmers and roach
Copyright Petworth & Bognor Angling Club

Cart regular Gordon (Dan) shows the way with this winning net

After the match was finished we had an excellent BBQ yet again prepared by Steve Simmonds. Thanks very much Steve it is much appreciated by everyone.